Business Management Software on Cloud, built on the WORLD BEST open source platform for Malaysia Small & Medium Businesses.

Manage, operate and empower your businesses with the right automation tools. Anywhere, anytime.


Check out our RedSnapper Cloud Apps toolset – the features that empowered the business operation.

Shared platform infrastructure on cloud

Shared infrastructure will allow cost sharing among the users and this help bring down the cost to own this business management software. Ideal for businesses with growing or fluctuating bandwidth demands.


Collaborate with your team

Integrated business processes on unified ERP platform provide seamless coordination of business activities within organization that steers towards better productivity.



Ease of tracking of your business progression
Business processes integration amongst the business units allows speedy process of generating the single version of truth of your business performance and business positioning.


A tool to put all business units into alignment

Attaining the organization strategic goals and objectives will be at ease when every business units could now operate in alignment towards a common purpose.


All-in-one management software

Beautifully design for ease-of-use – just to help SMBs grow their businesses.


Cloud solutions are more secure

Arguably, your data is safer in the cloud than on servers in your business premise.


Over 2 MILLION users worldwide run their businesses with Odoo

It’s proven that companies with affordability to invest on ERP system will be able to gear up QUICKER and HIGHER than those that don’t. No matter in what industry are you in and at what size of operation, RedSnapper Cloud Apps (the localized version of Odoo ERP Version 8.0) can help your business off the ground fast. More important, we make it AFFORDABLE to all enterprises/business owners to use it to the fullest benefits.

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…and many more.

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RedSnapper Cloud Apps is a business management software service on cloud for business owners of small and medium-sized businesses, designed and developed by BPO Outfit Technologies Sdn Bhd. Being a small business ourselves, we’re well aware of the difficulties they face in managing various business processes (Sales, Purchases, Inventory, Accounting & Human Resources), and RedSnapper Cloud Apps is our take on how to simplify the way one business should operate.

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